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Permanent Magnet DC Servo Motors

Product Information:

Power (Watts): 90 to 1200

Torque (Ncm): 3 to 100

Speed (rpm): 300 to 4000

Operating Voltage (V): 6 to 220

Permanent Magnet DC Servo Motors are used for many motion control appication viz. Coveyer Belt, Stirrer, Switch Gear, Special Pumps etc. We make motors suitable for vairable voltage and speed as per end application requirement.

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Permanent Magnet DC Servo Motors

In-built Tachogenerator, Encoder, Brake, Gearbox and Servo Drives can be offered. Speed controllers for the Motor Model AA, AB, CA, CB, CC, DA & DB are available in 24VDC & 180VDC.

Permanent Magnet DC servo motors with Rare Earth Magnets:

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